A little scare and Brady's finished nursery

Well the nursery is finally finished. The above picture is what it started out as. As you can see we had a few baby things in there and a bed. I originally wanted the day bed to stay in there but we quickly found out that the room was too small. Now that I am almost 37 weeks, I am so glad for this room to be done. All it needs is our sweet little Brady. We thought he might make his debut early but I guess he changed his mind. I went to work this passed Wednesday and started feeling a lot pressure and cramps in my stomach. Since this is my first baby, I think everything is something. I have no idea what a contraction feels like. So I called the doctor and they made me an appointment to come in. I was 4 cm. dilated and 70% effaced. They hooked me up to a machine to check on contractions and I was having them about every 8 minutes apart. They told me to go home and rest and call if they got to be around 5 minutes apart. So, we went through the night, not sleeping well. I was still having contractions. That next morning, my mom was timing my contractions and they were about 3 minutes apart. I called the on call nurse and she told me to come in. I checked into labor and delivery around 8:00am on Thursday morning. They hooked me up to monitor the baby, my contractions, but also my vitals. They decided that I was not in active labor but something called prodromal labor (aka fake labor). However, they quickly became concerned with my low oxygen level and my high pulse rate. They decided to give me an IV and told me that I would need a CT scan because they were worried that I might have a blood clot. I quickly went quiet. I was scared to death. Not just for me, but also for the baby. They took a ton of blood work, which seemed like hours to get back. I finally had my CT scan that afternoon and it came back negative. With that, I thought I was busting out of that place. I wasn't into staying there one more minute, especially since they made it very clear that there would be no baby coming that day. But as soon as I started thinking about going to my house and sleeping in my bed, they told me that they had to keep me overnight for observation. Yuck, not making this mama happy! But if it meant that it was best for Brady then I would do anything. They sent me to another room and hooked me back up to all the machines. I finally got eat and drink something. And wouldn't you know that my vitals started leveling out. I saw my doctor the next morning and she discharged me. It was a long night! Hopefully the next time we go back we will be leaving with our sweet baby boy. He just wasn't quite ready to come out yet. At least his nursery is finished before he got here. That made me sign a huge sigh of relief! My mom and BethAnn got his last piece of furniture in Tennessee. They quickly came home and painted it and BethAnn delivered it Saturday morning. They helped me decorate it and I love it! It made the room! Enjoy the pics of Brady's nursery! I know I do. I walk in there and just look around all the time!
This picture is when we started the mountain of laundry! This baby has a ton of clothes and blankets and they all needed to be washed.
This is the view you see when you walk into his nursery.
This is so special to me. My grandmother made this. She died when I was only 3 months old, so I don't have memories of her. But I love hearing stories about her and it sounds like she was a special lady. I feel like she and I share a unique bond because I am the only grandchild she ever met and she gave me my first bath. She was a very talented lady. She made this picture for my one of my cousins. BethAnn gave it to me as a shower gift and she couldn't of given me anything better. I went through this whole pregnancy without crying at gifts or anything really until I opened this. I love that you see it when you first walk in! It gives me a big smile! I wish she could be here to meet Brady but I know she's constantly looking down on us and she's here during this special time in not only my life but also my mom's life. It's not everyday you get to meet your first grandbaby!
Here is the crib and the piece of furniture BethAnn and my mom got for me. The picture over the crib is another creation that my grandmother made. That hung in my nursery when I was a baby and I love that it will be in my children's nursery.
There's a close up of the piece of furniture I keep going on and on about!
This is the other side of the nursery with his changing table.
This is the shelf that hangs over the changing table. Brady has so many handmade things in this room. From the pictures made by my grandmother, to the bedding made by my mom, and the owl picture that sits on this shelf that I made. I hope he treasures them one day like I do.

Ready to Pop

I am a month away from due date and about 2 weeks ago I decided that I might need some pictures of myself pregnant. I didn't think I would want pictures taken of me but, how many times are you pregnant in life? For me, I'm hoping for 2 times. Pregnancy has been such an amazing experience. I have loved feeling every kick and hiccup. I feel like it's been a bonding experience that you can't describe. But as I move into my final weeks of pregnancy, I find myself getting really ready for him to come. I'm not a huge fan of him pressing on my bladder 24/7, taking forever to get out of bed, or looking like a giant penguin when I walk ( I feel like I've got a major waddle)! I wouldn't change anything about my pregnancy, it really has been such a blessing. I am very ready to meet my sweet baby boy. I had some maternity pictures taken today by my sweet friend Candice. I took her maternity pics a little over a year ago. She did a really good job. We took most of them in the nursery so you can see some sneak peeks.

Almost There

Well I am almost 4 weeks away from my due date. Brady is almost here and we are getting so excited!!!! I went to the doctor on Monday and found out I was already 3 cm dilated. She said he could come sooner or I could walk around at 3 cm for a month. It hit me in that moment of all I still need to do. Luckily the huge task of washing all his stuff is done! We still need to pack our bags and put the car seat in the car. His nursery is almost complete. I am so in love with the way it is turning out! My mom finished the bedding and I have to say it is AHdorable! (I'll post pics of that this weekend) The only thing that has been missing is his last piece of furniture. I have been wanting a china cabinet in his nursery. I know it sounds weird but bare with me. My mom and cousin, BethAnn kept telling me to wait until they went on the longest yard sale. I was hesitant because keep in mind that they were going to the yard sale at the beginning of August and I am due at the beginning of September. I kept asking myself "What if they don't find it?". Well I got to sigh a big sigh of relief yesterday. My mom texted me from the yard sale and they found it! I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to get it painted and in the room! Can you tell I'm nesting big time?! Here is a picture of Brady's new piece of furniture. Picture it a medium gray color with all sorts of cuteness decorated on top of it. Can you see it? I can! Thanks mom and BA! To see all their finds so far go to billieroseboutique.blogspot.com

We had a joint baby shower at work this past week. Another girl at work is pregnant as well. In fact we are only a month apart. Her baby is due August 3rd and mine is due September 3rd. It's been fun having someone to talk to about all the things pregnancy brings. We are both having boys! I know we will be sharing newborn stories too. Here are a few pictures from our shower.
It's been funny to watch how different our shapes are. I am definitely the rounder belly and her belly has taken on a more pointy shape.
We played a few games. We were split up into teams and they had to cut a string based on how big around they thought we were. We were giving them a good view of our bumps.
Some of the ladies went a little over board with the size of their strings! Geez ladies, how big do you think I am? Fortunately, one lady got it right on!

We opened gifts. Everyone was very generous and Brady got a lot of goodies.

Another Nursery Project Marked Off The List

We finished another project for Brady's room today. We bought some flash cards at Anthropologie and put them on a board we already had. I love how it looks in his room. It's actually a decoration on the wall!!!!! It's coming together! That's a great thing. We are only 10 weeks out from my due date.

Happy Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day today. Even though Brady isn't here yet, I still consider Manny to be a dad already. I found an idea on pinterest for a daddy caddy. I loved the idea. I put one together for Manny. I did get him an actual gift. He's wanted a new wallet for a while so I stuck that at the bottom of the caddy. He thought it was pretty funny so I guess that means it was a success. Some of the things we had laying around the house so it was easy to put together.
Of course let's not forget to give a shout out to my dad! I didn't get to see him today. He's been crazy busy with work. Happy Father's Day!!!!
We also hung the shelf in Brady's room. It's all coming together!!!!

Brady's Nursery

Another piece of Brady's nursery is completed. Manny and I bought this from Craigslist for $50. We painted it with French Linen Chalk Paint and put some cute white knobs on it. We are going to use it as his changing table. So all we need is the changing pad and I'm envisioning some cute bins and baskets to hold diapers, powder, and other things of that nature. We are going to hang the "footboard shelf" hopefully tonight. So stay tuned!!!

Mom's Fiesta

A few weeks ago, we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday. Her group of friends always celebrate birthdays but when it's your 50th they tend to make it bigger. We had a fiesta theme on the lake at Sandra and Garland Braun's house. We ate, some enjoyed sangria, and talked. It was a really nice night. Here are some pics of the evening.

Here is my mom opening up some cards. The big 50 in the background is a collage of pictures of my mom through out her life. 

Can you tell that she was excited about this gift. She got an air compressor. The only other person I have seen act like that when they got an air compressor is Manny. My mom will use hers for reupholstering and things like that. She loved it. It was a great gift from all of her friends.

Here are some of the ladies chatting.

The next two pictures are of the food and drink table. 

I <3 Zulily

During mothers day weekend I got on Zulily just to see what they had. That day happened to be pretty good for boys. Like most places, finding cute boy clothing is hit or miss. Unless you are talking about Baby Gap, then they ALWAYS have adorable things for baby boys. Well that day on Zulily I bought four outfits for Brady. I thought at that moment that this website was going to get me in trouble but I haven't bought anything since. Nothing has really caught my eye. I will say the only thing I don't love about Zulily is how long it takes to receive what you've ordered. Like I said, I ordered during mothers day weekend and just received everything in the last week. Oh well. Here are some pics of my Zulily purchases. Brady is going to be on well dressed little man.

So blessed

Six weeks ago, Manny and I went for a sonogram to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. We now know that we are having a sweet baby boy and are naming him Brady. At that same appointment, our doctor informed us that Brady's left kidney was slightly larger than his right. He told us not to worry about it and that it normally fixes itself. But when you are a worry wart like me and a doctor tells you something is going on with your baby, you are going to worry. Well we went to get a check up on Brady today and the kidney issue has in fact fixed itself. I have been praying and praying that would be the news we would hear! So glad our baby boy is strong and healthy!!! I am feeling so blessed today!