We had a joint baby shower at work this past week. Another girl at work is pregnant as well. In fact we are only a month apart. Her baby is due August 3rd and mine is due September 3rd. It's been fun having someone to talk to about all the things pregnancy brings. We are both having boys! I know we will be sharing newborn stories too. Here are a few pictures from our shower.
It's been funny to watch how different our shapes are. I am definitely the rounder belly and her belly has taken on a more pointy shape.
We played a few games. We were split up into teams and they had to cut a string based on how big around they thought we were. We were giving them a good view of our bumps.
Some of the ladies went a little over board with the size of their strings! Geez ladies, how big do you think I am? Fortunately, one lady got it right on!

We opened gifts. Everyone was very generous and Brady got a lot of goodies.