Spring Break

Spring break was almost 2 weeks ago. I've been meaning to post these pictures but, I just haven't gotten to it. I started off spring break with strep throat. I left school that Friday with a 103 degree fever. When Manny got home we immediately went to the urgent care clinic in Bee Caves (which is FABULOUS)!!!! They diagnosed me with strep throat and I got meds. My mom came into town to spend a few days with me. I felt horrible that I was sick but, I felt better after a day or two. The fever lasted only one day so that took away most of what was making miserable. My mom and I have been talking about taking a reupholstering classes but, who has time for that? I will take a class one day but, it will have to wait. My mom had a book about reupholstering and I told her that I would let her experiment on a chair that I have. After all the moving I've done with this chair, it was tired and dirty and needed to be brought back to life! I love the size of it and it is so comfy!!! It just was worn out from being moved all over Texas! So my mom dove in. I didn't think I would be nervous because my mom is uber-crafty!!! She told me she read the book, which really meant that she scanned over it a few times. I got nervous when she started ripping off fabric! It turned out amazing!!!! She did an awesome job! I was really impressed! The last part of spring break, I went home to Conroe. I got to help babysit my sweet little cousin Anna. She's so stinking cute!!!! I also got to see the newest member of the family, Blake Patrick Jones. He is absolutely adorable. All these babies gave me bad baby fever!!! I also got to see the craft barn that my mom and BethAnn have done. BethAnn's husband, Anthony, built it and they cuted it up! I'll post pics when it's all done and decorated it! I'm jealous that I don't live closer to get to use it!!!!

This is the chair before.

This is when I got really nervous. Manny started ripping fabric off too! He was a big help!

At this point I was thinking about what I had gotten myself into!

But look at the finished product!!! I bought the floral fabric cheap last summer at Hancock's for $5/yard! I bought 10 yards. If I wanted it all the same fabric, I would need about 12-13 yards. I like the 3 different fabrics though.