Piano & Canton Ready!

Things have been crazy busy the past month! I have been out of town for baby showers and people have been coming to visit. It's been a fun, yet tiring last month. Last weekend, Manny and I went to Conroe for a baby shower I was helping host. While we were there we took the opportunity to bring his mom's piano home with us. My mother-in-law, Judy, bought this piano for Manny and his brother when they were kids. They took piano lessons as boys and were really good. When we bought our house she said she really wanted to give it to us. Manny was pretty excited about it and has been practicing again. We did have to change up the layout of the room a bit. The couch got pushed back and the chair stayed put. Eventually, the chair will go and we will probably get two regular size chairs to put in it's place. So far the piano has been a lovely addition to our little home.

This weekend my mom and Mrs. Debbie came to visit. While they were here, I had my mom help me get my flea market cart ready! I love the way it turned out. I bought an old coffee sack at the City Wide Garage Sale in Austin for $7. The cart was $20. The green bag in the back is Manny's old sea bag from the Navy. I cut off the top of it because it was huge! I already had the brooches and the clutch is one that I bought from my friend Ali a few years ago. The old pins were $10. I found the old boy scout bag at the City Wide Garage Sale for $8. Not too bad! I'm ready for Canton next month!!! And all for less than $50!!!

I used three brooches that I had collected for years and clustered them together.

This is the boy scout bag I found.

Peek-a-boo Mija!

Looking down into the cart.

My mom found this old measuring tape and we tied it to the cart and tied a pen to the other end.