Happy Holidays!!!

I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a blessed holiday season!

And the wrapping paper theme is...

So I finally came up with my wrapping paper theme! I looked a lot at my inspiration pics and I kind of fused a few together. In truth my gifts have been wrapped for a week (almost 2 weeks)! I was trying to figure out the pretty part. I love how it looks natural and pretty. Merry Christmas!

Anniversary Weekend, A Recipe, & A Little Bragging!

This past weekend Manny and I went to Fredericksburg to celebrate our one year anniversary. We had a really good time. Even though we were only a hour and a half away from home, it was really nice to get away and spend time just the two of us. Below is a picture of us at dinner at the Cabernet Grill.

While I was taking pictures of our B&B room, Manny was writing his card to me. He was not prepared! Haha! We exchanged gifts Friday night because Manny couldn't wait any longer. He gave me some diamond stud earrings. They are gorgeous. They are special because the diamonds belonged to his great aunt. I got Manny a watch and a picture of a bench with our names and wedding date carved into it. It's cuter than it sounds.

Here are some pictures of our room.

This is walking into the B&B. You could see deer from here in the mornings.

Downtown was full of cute little shops with pretty store front windows.

Some more of Fredericksburg.

How cute is this library?

Now no one get excited about the following picture! We are not trying to have a baby, yet! Our friend Candice made this cake for us. She and her friend Jennifer own Hill Country Cakes. It's kind of an inside joke. It's no secret that Manny is beyond ready to have a baby and talks about it ALL the time. One night while Candice and her husband Will were over, Manny got on his baby talk and I told him to not even mention babies until we had been married a year. By the end of the conversation they were calling our one year anniversary "Conception Day." No babies yet but, the cake was really good!

Here is our actual cake topper and champagne in the toasting flutes from our wedding.

Manny and I thought this was funny. Apparently the Catholic church in Fredericksburg left out a crucial member of the nativity scene! Where is baby Jesus?!

Now on to the recipe that needs a lot of bragging! I went to my go to foodie blog, Annie's Eats, and came upon this Mexican Pizza recipe! It was so good. The star of the show is definitely the black bean spread. It was so yummy! Thank you once again Annie for a great recipe!

I took the picture below the first night Manny started studying for grad school. Well I am happy to say that he has officially completed his first semester of grad school, with all A's I might add. I am so very proud of him. I'm looking forward to his time off from school so I can have some time with my hubby. Grad school takes up a lot of time!

What A Year!

I know I am a few days early but, we are headed to beautiful Fredericksburg to celebrate our one year anniversary this weekend. I can't believe it has been one year. It has been a full and amazing year! I have been lucky enough to marry my best friend and I look forward to many many more years! Happy Anniversary Honey!!! I love you!

Hmmmm...What should the theme be?

Every year we decide on a theme for wrapping paper. I'm trying to decide on my theme yesterday. I already have some of the brown paper bag looking paper so I know I will be using some of that. But what to embellish it with? That is the question. I went searching for some inspiration and this is what I found!

I like the 2 papers together and the greenery.

I love how each one is so different. I especially love the embellishments.

The black and white photos are so sweet. It adds such a personal touch.

Just plain cute!

Who knew maps could be so pretty!

I love the ornament on this one. This would be prefect for a baby!

This is so simple and beautiful!

I love those vintage touches.

I like how organic this looks.

So chic and gorgeous!

So simple!

My mom would appreciate this. I'm not to sure how many others would.

I love this too. this is probably the cheapest option. Even though it's cheap, it's very pretty.

Christmas Decor and My Next Project

I was really excited to decorate this Christmas. Last year we in full wedding mode so our house decorations were not a priority. Not to mention we were spending Christmas alone in Seattle. We got back to Seattle from our honeymoon on December 19th last year. I had originally said that I didn't want to mess with a tree but, once we got back, I felt that I needed one to make it feel homey and like Christmas. There wasn't much available that time of year so we got a bit creative. Now that we are in Texas I can decorate the way I really want to. Merry Christmas!!!

This is what Manny and I did last year. I told you we got creative! We could only find outdoor trees. So, we rigged them up in an Empty Carlo Rossi wine bottle and a beer mug that Manny had. We aren't boozers, I promise!
I have to admit that it didn't turn out too bad and it did the trick. It made our little Seattle Christmas feel like home. Looking back, it was a really nice way to spend our first Christmas as a married couple. We are definitely looking forward to spending this year with family though!

This is what I did this year. I love having a mantel, especially in an apartment. It makes it feel more like a home. I used some of our normal mantel decor and then added a little Christmas. It's missing some garland. I have to get it from my mom!

This is my favorite Christmas decoration. My mom and BethAnn made this for me. (I actually gave them the idea with blog searching, but I love love love it. They did an awesome job!) It had to be the focal point of my mantel.

Manny gave me this bird apothecary jar and I normally have some feathers in it. For Christmas I decided to put some silver and white ornaments in there.

My mom gave Manny and I matching stockings. Now I have to say that my grandmother made me some FABULOUS stockings. I love them (yes she made me 2!). But Manny didn't have a stocking (or at least he said he didn't). I feel it's important to continue family traditions. Stockings have always been a big deal in my family and I wanted to bring Manny into that. He HAD to have a stocking. Since I love the ones my grandmother made for me, I plan on having them framed so I can put them up as decoration. I just haven't done it yet. Maybe by next Christmas!

Next to the fireplace, this jewel is sitting in the corner. Now, I keep this out all year because 1. it's beautiful and 2. it was my wedding cake topper.

Here is what I did with our dining area. I love decorating that hutch my mom got me. The tree is sticking out a bit because I am guilty of cramming this apartment full! It just wouldn't go any where else.

The tree was a bit of a debate in our house this year. Like I said before, I feel it is important to continue traditions. I kept asking and asking Manny what some of his traditions were. Well, the tree was one of them. They always got a real tree. I on the other hand had never done that. I was used to the fake prelit tree. I enjoy the convenience of having it prelit. I made a compromise. Since we do live in an apartment and on the 3rd FLOOR, I was not down with having a real tree. I told Manny that the first year we have a house we can get a real tree. One of the other things I love about this tree so much is that it is filled with all the ornaments that we made and used for our center pieces at our wedding last year. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of our wedding day!

The buffet.

This is special to me too. My mom gave Manny and I these ornaments as a wedding gift. Each ornament represents elements of marriage. I love it!

I filled an jar with some ornaments and of course put a picture of me and my cousins as babies on Christmas. Another gift from my mom and BethAnn.

I printed out this from one of my favorite blogs Dear Lillie. You have to check out her Etsy shop too!

Another view of the ornament filled jar.

This is my center piece for my dining table. These are ornaments from our wedding too. The bowl is actually a salad bowl but, it works!

Now this is my next project! I'll give you a little sneak peak! I have had this since I was in college. I loved it in my college room but, I've kind of out grown it. Not to mention that it doesn't match anything I have anymore. I love the bones of it though. I didn't want to get rid of it. I wanted to make it fit with the space. I have an idea up my sleeve.

It involves this paper and some paint! Stay tuned for the outcome! Maybe I'll have it done before the new year!