Anniversary Weekend, A Recipe, & A Little Bragging!

This past weekend Manny and I went to Fredericksburg to celebrate our one year anniversary. We had a really good time. Even though we were only a hour and a half away from home, it was really nice to get away and spend time just the two of us. Below is a picture of us at dinner at the Cabernet Grill.

While I was taking pictures of our B&B room, Manny was writing his card to me. He was not prepared! Haha! We exchanged gifts Friday night because Manny couldn't wait any longer. He gave me some diamond stud earrings. They are gorgeous. They are special because the diamonds belonged to his great aunt. I got Manny a watch and a picture of a bench with our names and wedding date carved into it. It's cuter than it sounds.

Here are some pictures of our room.

This is walking into the B&B. You could see deer from here in the mornings.

Downtown was full of cute little shops with pretty store front windows.

Some more of Fredericksburg.

How cute is this library?

Now no one get excited about the following picture! We are not trying to have a baby, yet! Our friend Candice made this cake for us. She and her friend Jennifer own Hill Country Cakes. It's kind of an inside joke. It's no secret that Manny is beyond ready to have a baby and talks about it ALL the time. One night while Candice and her husband Will were over, Manny got on his baby talk and I told him to not even mention babies until we had been married a year. By the end of the conversation they were calling our one year anniversary "Conception Day." No babies yet but, the cake was really good!

Here is our actual cake topper and champagne in the toasting flutes from our wedding.

Manny and I thought this was funny. Apparently the Catholic church in Fredericksburg left out a crucial member of the nativity scene! Where is baby Jesus?!

Now on to the recipe that needs a lot of bragging! I went to my go to foodie blog, Annie's Eats, and came upon this Mexican Pizza recipe! It was so good. The star of the show is definitely the black bean spread. It was so yummy! Thank you once again Annie for a great recipe!

I took the picture below the first night Manny started studying for grad school. Well I am happy to say that he has officially completed his first semester of grad school, with all A's I might add. I am so very proud of him. I'm looking forward to his time off from school so I can have some time with my hubby. Grad school takes up a lot of time!


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