Billie Rose Boutique

My mom and cousin, BethAnn have been talking about turning their crafts into more than a hobby! They are going to call their company Billie Rose Boutique. It is the first names of each of their mother's. Here are a few of their projects. I am hoping to make a blog for them this summer.

They have started making some of these horses and framing them. These aren't theirs, but you get the idea. They have also talked about doing other silhouettes.

These are some of the birds they've made. This is my mom's bird.

This is BethAnn's bird. They both happen to put them in their bathrooms! I think they are so cute!

Peacock Project

My mom bought me this peacock a few months ago at Marshall's for $13! I love love love peacocks and have centered our bedroom around the colors of a peacock. I hated the cement color it was so I decided to give it a little life!

This is the peacock before.
This is what it looks like after. I painted the entire thing green and then brushed on some brown paint for some depth.

Align Center

From Crap to Cute!

I bought this desk right before we left Seattle and blogged about it in my ready for Round Top post. I had to buy it! It was only $40 and so stinkin cute!!! We finally finished it. It had 3 horrible layers of paint. So after tons of paint stripping and sanding and painting, it is finally done. I love how it looks now. It needs some touching up and I'm still wanting to drill a hole in the back for computer wires, but you get the idea.

These are the before pics.

This is what it looks like after.