I'm Published!!!!

Last year, I was contacted by Bead Trends Magazine about doing a tutorial for their blog and magazine. They said that it would be in the June issue of 2011 and that they needed it by January to have everything photographed. I did the blog first. The blog tutorial was actually for one of my ornaments, but this was for the cake topper I had at my wedding. I got it done and sent it off. I went to JoAnn's today and there it was! The June 2011 issue!!!! It is so exciting! Here are the pics I took of my feature! Go out and buy one! Ha!

The cover!

A picture of my topper isn't on the cover, but I am a teaser on the cover!!!

The first page! How awesome is this! At the bottom of the little blurb, it says my name! I was so excited to see that part!

Page 2!

Page 3! Look mom, your hands are in Bead Trends! She helped me out with photographing during creation! This was such a great opportunity and I am so glad that Bead Trends contacted me!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Since it's Cinco de Mayo, I'm making a yummy dish tonight. I made enchiladas last night and tonight I am making Mexican Pizza! This is so yummy! The black bean spread definitely makes this dish! If you haven't gone to Annie's Eats, then you are definitely missing out!

This coming weekend is so busy! My mom is moving and one of my college friends is having her engagement party. Now, I've debated with a few people whether you are supposed to take a gift to an engagement party. At the end of the day, I decided I'd rather show up with a gift, than not! We were very close in college. We were best friends, roommates, attached at the hip! So I wanted to give her a gift inspired by a gift that I got when I was engaged. I decided to make her a picnic basket for two. Mine had a vintage twist to it. As much as I love the vintage twist on mine, that is not her personality. So I found a cute little picnic basket and lined it with a fun table cloth that can be used to sit on during a picnic. I bought two glass plates and two wine glasses. I also bought two forks, spoons, and knives and tied them with some turquoise raffea. I also bought a bottle of wine and wrapped it with some cute paper from Paper Source and then put a tag on it with a message reminding them to always take time for just the two of them. I added a cookbook, that had some good recipes for picnicing and wine bottle stopper. I hope she likes it!

I've finally caught up on my one book a month this year. These are the books that I have read so far. Spoken from the Heart by Laura Bush was the culprate in making me fall so far behind. I started out flying through the book but, by the time she hit the part where they were in the White House, I lost speed. It just drug on and on! But I powered through and finally finished it. I decided I needed some quick books to catch me up. My next book was Uncharted Territori by Tori Spelling. I don't read for eduaction purposes. I read for entertainment and her books are pretty entertaining and quick to read. My next book was Water for Elephants! This book was ah-mazing!!!!! I loved it and I can't wait to see the movie. The last book I read was Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. His books are always fast reads for me. This was a good one and it actually had an unexpected ending. If you like Nicholas Sparks, then you will need to read Safe Haven.

But now it's May and I need to start a new book. I have a few books being shipped from Amazon right now, including Something Borrowed. That movie looks good too. I'm just one of those people that likes to read the book before seeing the movie. At the beginning of this, Manny had asked if he could pick just one of my books for the year. I don't know why I said yes. We have absolutely nothing in common when it comes to the things we read. He's an English major for goodness sake! He reads for education purposes 9 times out of 10! I read smut!!!! Haha! So he picked the DaVinci Code by Dan Brown. Manny is a huge Dan Brown fan and is really excited for me to read this book. I'm thinking that I'm about to get behind again. We shall see. I will read it. I did promise after all.