I'm Published!!!!

Last year, I was contacted by Bead Trends Magazine about doing a tutorial for their blog and magazine. They said that it would be in the June issue of 2011 and that they needed it by January to have everything photographed. I did the blog first. The blog tutorial was actually for one of my ornaments, but this was for the cake topper I had at my wedding. I got it done and sent it off. I went to JoAnn's today and there it was! The June 2011 issue!!!! It is so exciting! Here are the pics I took of my feature! Go out and buy one! Ha!

The cover!

A picture of my topper isn't on the cover, but I am a teaser on the cover!!!

The first page! How awesome is this! At the bottom of the little blurb, it says my name! I was so excited to see that part!

Page 2!

Page 3! Look mom, your hands are in Bead Trends! She helped me out with photographing during creation! This was such a great opportunity and I am so glad that Bead Trends contacted me!


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