Casa de Pina

I'm finally putting up pics of our new home! We are so excited to be new homeowners and are loving making it our own. Manny has been Mr. Yard man. It's been pretty funny to listen to him talk about trees and plants and ant killer! There are a lot of pics but I wanted to try and show everything. I have to apologize for the darkness of some of the pictures. I thought that since it was in the middle of the day and I had my flash on, that I didn't have to turn lights on in my house. Lesson learned, definitely needed to turn some lights on. Also, don't look at the blinds. They are paper, temporary ones for privacy. We ordered new blinds and they should be here in a few weeks. There are also two before and afters in here. Enjoy!

This is the outside of our new casa! Don't worry the blue thing in our drive way is gone!

Here come some of the dark pics. This is our living room. The layout of the furniture will be changing because Manny's mom is giving us her piano and it will be going in our living room. I'll post pics when it changes and I promise to turn the lights on!

The piano will go under the metal piece on the wall. Which means the couch will be moving way back. Which means the chair will move too. We have it all worked out. Hopefully it will all fit okay.

Manny wanted the TV above the fireplace. Since we are getting the piano, it really was the only place it would go. The little piece next to the fireplace will be painted. I'm thinking duck's egg in chalk paint!

This is makeover number 1. Remember when my mom and I made this ottoman. I love love love that fabric but when we moved into our house and I saw it with everything else, it was the BIG GREEN MONSTER in the middle of the room. It had to be changed!

This is what it looks like now. Much better!

This is one of my favorite areas in our house. The apothecary will be painted too in chalk paint. I'm also changing the knobs!

This is our breakfast area. I'm also thinking about painting/staining the table. I'm also changing the light over the table. Not a fan!

This is the view of our kitchen from the living room.

View from entry.

This is our dining area. We love our table. That was a nice gift from my mother-in-law, Judy.

I will be changing the light in here too.

This is one of the guest rooms. I am wanting to change this room. I'm thinking of using some of the green monster fabric in here. I still have a lot of it and I do still love it. I'm also thinking of putting a lot of pics in here from places Manny and I have been. I haven't fully decided!

Yup! Needs some change and some pizazz!

This is the front guest room. Don't you think we did a great job decorating? We are getting a day bed from my cousin, Allison. It will eventually be a nursery too when we are ready to have a baby.

This is the guest bathroom.

This is the entry. That's a reflection on the wall, not some weird paint job!

This is our master bathroom. This is Manny's sink area.

This is mine.

Bath and the stand up shower is on the left. I love having these separate.

This is one of the best things in this house. We have a bonus room off the master which we made into Manny's office. We need to get another bookcase for all of Manny's school books.

Looking into the office from the master.

Dresser area.

This needs some love. We found this piece at the City Wide Garage Sale. I love the color. We need to get a stand for the TV. It used to be wall mounted and we don't know where the stand went. This will look better eventually.

My little desk area.

My side of the bed. I am thinking that I want to have a chandelier hanging over the chair.

Manny's side. Mija got a new bed too.

View when you walk into the room.

This is makeover number 2! The pantry! I have wanted to do this since I saw it on House of Smith's. This is the before.

Close up of the labels my mom and I made.

Ta-da! I used some wine boxes that my brother brought home from work to store cookbooks, bread, etc. There are other baskets for storing too. We used clear containers so you can see what's in there instead of boxes.

I love the way it turned out. PS, the door organizer is the bomb! I love it! I got it at The Container Store.

I used the silhouette machine to make this vinyl for our wedding album. Then I put the book on a cute bird cookbook stand. The brown leather was just too boring and most people didn't know what it was.

Mija followed me around while I took pics. She is loving being in the house. She loves the backyard and we love not having to walk her down three flights of stairs!