Just A Few Updates

We have been doing a few updates around our house lately. My mom made our bedroom curtains and I am so in love with how they came out. The white just pops off the grey walls. They make the room feel complete. They were inspired by curtains at Anthropologie but, there was no way that we would ever spend that kind of money on curtains. Of course my mom takes one look at them and says "I can make that!" So I placed my order and she more than came through.
Remember my apothecary that I got off of Craigslist for a steal!!! I loved it when I first bought it but, I knew that I wanted to jazz it up a bit. I hated the handles and the color wasn't really working for me. So of course my mother steps in to help me. I wanted to paint it but, since I'm expecting a baby painting isn't really in the cards for me. So my mom painted it for me. Isn't she great?! She used chalk paint which turned out amazing.
Here's how it turned out. Such a difference, huh? On top of painting it with Abusson Blue chalk paint and then waxing it with the dark wax, we also changed out the handles. The handles were part of my Christmas gift and I love how it looks.
We bought this piece of furniture last year at the City Wide Garage Sale in Austin. Originally we had it in our bedroom for our tv to go on. Unfortunately, when I'm laying down in the bed, the bedpost blocked my tv viewing. So we have decided to hang the television. That meant that this little beauty could move up to the front of the house! Manny swore up and down that it wouldn't fit on this wall. I waited until he was out of the house one day and tried it. I believe I was right on this one. My mom bought the mirror for herself and hadn't hung it up yet. She's slowly running out of wall space too. So I'm hanging it until she decides that she has found the perfect place for it.
This niche in my kitchen has really been a headache for me. I did make a picture to go in there. It just always seemed to be missing something. I got the fabulous stacked apothecary jar from who else, my mother, for my birthday. I still need to put something in the apothecary jar. I bought the wood and metal piece at Round Top. It really fills up that space nicely. I still need to get one more thing to go to the right of the cookbooks and that niche can be crossed off the list.
I am really excited about our new chairs. We used to have a huge overstuffed chair in our living room. I really wanted to put the chair that would be for rocking, nursing, etc. in my living room. That meant the big chair had to go. We gave it to my mom and it looks awesome in her bedroom. Plus it was hers originally! Manny had been asking to get a recliner and I began my search for the perfect "baby/fit-for-my-living room-chair." I found this one on Target.com. I loved the pattern and knew it would fit in nicely with our furniture. I crossed my fingers that it would be comfy and it is. My dad and step-mom bought this for me and I love it. It glides, swivels, and reclines. I'm sure the baby and I will get a lot of use out of this chair. I'm already breaking it in so it's perfect once the baby makes his or her big arrival. We will finally know if Baby Pina is a boy or girl on the 21st. We both are so anxious to find out!!! I'm definitely looking pregnant these days. Sometimes I look down and can't believe that there is actually a baby growing inside me. It has been such a miracle and I am loving reading about the baby's development. I felt the flutters for the first time the other day. I woke Manny up to tell him!