I haven't put up pics of Mija since I started this page. Here are some of my favorites of our fur baby!

This was when she was a baby. She was as tiny as her chihuahua beanie baby.

She loved this blanket at my mom's.

Playing in the backyard.

She watches TV.

She was just a pup in this pic. I took her out to the farm. She's sitting on four wheeler here. So tiny!

This pic makes me laugh every time. This was when we were packing up to move back to Texas from Seattle. She's giving us the stank eye like she knows that an awful long road trip is in her future.

This is one of my favorite pics. She's just a baby here and I love her backwards floppy ears! They still do that now when she's really tired.

Playing in the leaves in Seattle.

Manny sent me this picture when I was away in Texas and they were at home in Seattle.

Our little sausage.

Always a lady.

This dog licks licks licks! I caught her in her natural state!

I decided to make Mija her own page. I take tons of pictures of her so I'll post them on this page.