Hmmmm...What should the theme be?

Every year we decide on a theme for wrapping paper. I'm trying to decide on my theme yesterday. I already have some of the brown paper bag looking paper so I know I will be using some of that. But what to embellish it with? That is the question. I went searching for some inspiration and this is what I found!

I like the 2 papers together and the greenery.

I love how each one is so different. I especially love the embellishments.

The black and white photos are so sweet. It adds such a personal touch.

Just plain cute!

Who knew maps could be so pretty!

I love the ornament on this one. This would be prefect for a baby!

This is so simple and beautiful!

I love those vintage touches.

I like how organic this looks.

So chic and gorgeous!

So simple!

My mom would appreciate this. I'm not to sure how many others would.

I love this too. this is probably the cheapest option. Even though it's cheap, it's very pretty.


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