Mom's Fiesta

A few weeks ago, we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday. Her group of friends always celebrate birthdays but when it's your 50th they tend to make it bigger. We had a fiesta theme on the lake at Sandra and Garland Braun's house. We ate, some enjoyed sangria, and talked. It was a really nice night. Here are some pics of the evening.

Here is my mom opening up some cards. The big 50 in the background is a collage of pictures of my mom through out her life. 

Can you tell that she was excited about this gift. She got an air compressor. The only other person I have seen act like that when they got an air compressor is Manny. My mom will use hers for reupholstering and things like that. She loved it. It was a great gift from all of her friends.

Here are some of the ladies chatting.

The next two pictures are of the food and drink table. 


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