Inspiring: Life and Food!!!

My mom sent me this video today that she was inspired by. Within the first 10 seconds I was inspired too. It made me think back to a time when I never left the house without a camera. Even in the good ole days when you bought those wind up disposables, I still had a camera with me. Back in high school and college, I took pictures of everything. I captured moments not only from the big events like prom, birthdays, and cotillions but also the normal everyday things like a silly Tuesday with friends. This video got me to thinking about why I don't do this anymore. I'm letting these years go by without having anything to look back on and remember them by except my own memory. Now that it's so easy to have a little digital camera in my purse 24/7, what's my excuse? I don't have one! There isn't one. I can only say that I will start keeping a camera on me at all times! That's a new challenge I am giving myself. So if you see me out, keep me in check and ask me if I have my camera! I challenge you to do the same!

Now onto my food inspiration. If you've read my blog before, then you know that I am a huge Annie's Eats fan! I read her blog, follow her on Facebook, and I must say I cook one of her meals at least once a week. I haven't encountered a bad one yet. Since I met Manny I knew I could make him happy by offering to cook two dishes: pizza and macaroni and cheese! I mean, when I moved to Seattle and looked in the fridge and pantry all I saw were Totino's frozen pizzas and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! I've done really well in the pizza department. We've come a long way from frozen pizzas! Annie's Eats has given me some great pizza recipes and all have been ahhh-mazing! Now, I like mac-n-cheese just as much as the next person but, sometimes it needs a twist. And sometimes it needs to be a little better than the one that comes in the blue box. Why not add some other goodness in there besides cheese and pasta! Well it's Annie's Eats to the rescue. I made her Mushroom Herb Mac last night and it was sooooo good! It was a nice change of pace from the mainstream dish! My next mac-n-cheese recipe of hers to try is Creamy Taco Mac. I think it sounds good! We shall see!


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