Fall Decorating

I decided it was time to do some fall decorating. I love decorating with pumpkins during the fall, especially the big white ones and then accenting with the small orange, white, and green ones. Here's what I did.

This is my buffet in my dining area.

I just hot glued some ribbon I had lying around on these and stacked them. Then I added two smaller pumpkins for color and contrast.

I stacked two of the small pumpkins in a glass jar and set a white pumpkin on top with the stem wrapped in purple ribbon. I left the other one plain. As you can tell, I'm not into the spooky decorations for the fall, but the cute!

I printed this off from the House of Smith's blog and framed it. If you haven't seen this blog, then you must check it out! She has some cute ideas!

This is what we did to Mimi's mantel last year.

This was what we did for my cousin Ashley's house last year. We painted the pumpkins and embellished with ribbon and glitter. Note to anyone wanting to do this and then keep them for longer than one season: buy fake pumpkins and paint those! We wished we would have done that!

It looked really cute in her house and was perfect decoration for Jack's monster mash.


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