Desk and a recipe you have to try!

This is the desk that we found at Round Top for Manny. Please excuse the cords! Ugly! Anyway, it was a great deal. We found it at the very beginning of the day. I tried my hardest to have Manny make a commitment to it right then and there, but he informed me that he couldn't throw a "Hale Mary" at the beginning of the game! I tried to tell him, as did my mom and BA, that he wasn't going to find another desk for $100! With Manny being as determined as he is, he walked away from it and said he would come back to it if he didn't find anything else. As you can see, we searched the whole day and found nada! Nothing compared! So we swung back by and thankfully it was still there. We swooped it up for $95! Aren't we bargainers!!! It fits perfectly in the guest room and Manny likes having a place for all his school stuff. It needs something above it. I'm thinking a memo/inspiration board would be cool or maybe a subway piece of art! We'll see, stay tuned!

So this recipe you need to try. I have to say I'm pretty proud that I successfully made this with only a small incident. I left the wax paper too long and it kinda started smoking out the apartment. I got it under control and dismantled the smoke detector! I should automatically take those things down when using the oven. They are so sensitive!!! Any who, I made chicken pesto pizza last night from Annie's Eats. I love her website! I don't mean that I bought pizza crust and added toppings. I mean that I made it all, from SCRATCH. There's a link to the dough on the pizza recipe. I made my own dough and my own pesto sauce and it was D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!!! Manny loved it and so did I. The best part was the crust. If you know me well, you know that I am pretty challenged in the kitchen area, but I'm proving all my haters wrong! I have actually only had one meal that was a thumbs down so far! I think I'm going to attempt this next!


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