Round Top

This past weekend Manny and I met my mom and BethAnn at Round Top. I have been dying to go! I hadn't been in a few years and I wasn't going to miss it this time. We couldn't make it to preview weekend, but we had plenty to see and some good deals! For those that don't know, Round Top is town that hosts one of the most fabulous junktique shows twice a year. It is held every April and October. If you love antiquing, then you must go! I bought some stuff for Christmas and we got Manny a desk, which was the whole reason we went. Manny was such a trooper. He ate his way through Round Top. I feel like everytime I turned around he was at a food booth! I'll post pics of the desk tomorrow. Here are some of the pics I took during our day at Round Top.

There are so many creative and cute booths! I love this bug with the green moss chair on top!

Another display!

This is the entrance to Junk Gypsy. You have to stop by this if you ever go to Round Top! It is always decorated so cute!

While we were looking for a desk, we were also on a letter hunt. My cousin Ashley is making an alphabet wall in her son's playroom. I think we collected all the letters needed on this trip!

I love this piece of furniture! Too bad it was EXPENSIVE!

Clever ideas!

I took this picture for my mom and BA. They are going to creating a craft barn on BethAnn's land. And when I say they will be creating a craft barn, I really mean Anthony, BethAnn's husband will be creating. The ladies will be bringing the cuteness!

Pillows made out of oil cloth.

I love all the layered mirrors.

Button buffet!

This is an old bird cage stand that they hung a chandelier from!

I will definitely be going again! Now that we are back in Texas and so close to this, I will be back! I'm sure I can think of some things that I NEED by April!!!


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