Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is something that is very near and dear to my heart. Not just in October during Breast Cancer Awareness month, but all year round. Both sides of my family have been affected by breast cancer. Whenever anyone asks me "If you could meet anyone living or passed, who would it be?" I've always had the answer. I would want to meet my grandmother Rose. She's my mother's mother. In fact I have met her. She died three months after I was born, but I would love to meet her now. She and my mom were very close. In some ways that makes me feel like my relationship with my mother is even more special. We have always been extremely close. That makes me feel that much closer to my grandmother. I would have loved to know her now. I wish she could have met my brother and seen us both grow up. I know she would be very proud of the my mother. If breast cancer has never affected your family, then please try to remember every October about the many families that deal with this every year.

This is my grandmother Rose.
This is a picture of her and my mom. I love this picture.


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