Almost good as new

You might remember my ottoman that my mom and I made for our living room. I love this thing! I knew it would be well loved. It is a foot rest, the place where I blog from most times, a dining table, etc. I wasn't unrealistic about this lovely ottoman. I knew it would get a few bumps and bruises. I thought coffee would be spilled on it or something of that nature. I never thought that a candle would melt on it. This is totally my fault but, in my defense I have always had candles on my coffee tables and never once had a problem. That is probably because I have never had a fabric coffee table. Originally I had a basket/tray with 3 candles in it. I had lined it with wax paper and put rocks on top around the candles. Well, my littlest candle bit the dust all over my ottoman. Manny randomly moved the basket off the table the other day and discovered my wax stain! I wish I had taken a before picture of the stain but, trust me when I tell you it was grapefruit sized and a dark green! Not pretty! My first instinct was to call my mom and ask her to bring the staple gun during her next visit because as luck would have it I do have extra fabric. She suggested that I research how to remove wax from fabric. I found a tutorial but, it was for removing it from clothing. I decided to give it a shot. And taddah! It worked!!!! You can barely tell anything happened. I'll keep my scrap fabric for a bigger boo-boo! Here are the pics. Oh and I have learned from my mistake and put a solid tray because I'm not willing to lose the candles. I found a $10 serving tray at Wal-Mart that works perfectly and I have to say I like it a lot better than the basket!

This is my ottoman after it was freshly made!

Excuse the lighting. Not so great. This is after I removed the wax. Look in the center where it looks a bit faded. That was where it was. A little scraping and ironing and it's gone. The fabric is a little frayed from scraping at it but, I can live with that.

This is the new tray I bought.

As good as new.

I decided to put a pic of Mija in here. She hates the camera but, she was just sitting here looking at me take pics of the ottoman. She's my little shadow.

The moral of this story? Don't think a mistake automatically means replacing. I was quick to say that it needed to totally be recovered. A little research and about 20 minutes of work saved me the hassle of recovering it.


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