Big Scare with a Happy Ending

Mitzi Mae
For those of you who don't know, this is Mitzi. She technically started out as my dog when I was a sophomore in high school but, my mom quickly became attached to her. They are buddies and she slowly progressed into my mom's dog. For the 10 years that we have had Mitzi she has never been a collar or leash dog. That being said, we let her out to run around because she always came back. Well yesterday I got a text message from my mom around 3:45 in the afternoon that said Mimi had let her out to go to the bathroom around 11:00 that morning, which is really normal. This time, she never came back. Mimi was worried sick and so was my mom. The minute I got that text my stomach sank and I just started crying. We didn't know if she was hurt somewhere or if someone took her. None of this was comforting. After they looked all over the neighborhood and the shelter they finally decided to call it a night. My mom said it just wasn't the same last night before bed. My heart broke for her. So my mom couldn't sleep because she was worried to death about Mitzi and I was having trouble sleeping because I knew my mom was worried and upset, plus I love Mitzi too. The last thing I want is for her to be gone. So today, my mom had my uncle go by the shelter to see if anyone had turned her in, which they hadn't. After my mom got off work, we were on the phone talking about Mitzi and rationalizing the whole thing. We both thought that her getting hit didn't make sense. Come on, she's dodged that for 10 years running free when she let out to go to the bathroom. It just didn't seem likely. While we were on the phone my cousin Ashley beeped in. THEY FOUND MITZI!!!! Ashley saw a sign for a lost dog while she was driving home from work in the neighborhood and called about it. It was Mitzi!!!! I got goose bumps when I heard the news. I was so grateful!!! I was grateful that it would give my mom and Mimi some release from the stress of her being gone but, also that nice honest people found her and tried to find where she belonged. Once my mom heard that she was back, she went straight to get her a leash, collar, and a tag! I am so glad that Mitzi is back and safe at home! We are all so glad and couldn't be happier.


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