Manny's 30th Stache Party

We had a moustache themed party for Manny's 30th birthday. We invited over a few friends to eat and hang out. It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from that night.

We played "Name That 'Stache." Everyone did really well. I guess I'll have to make it harder next time.

Anthony had some problems with his stick on moustache. The moustache part kept falling off.

Manny was a little confused.

Even the girls got into it.

Even Mija wanted a moustache.

Look at this awesome cake our friend Candice made. It looked awesome and was really good!

Manny loves anytime he gets to take a silly picture.

All kinds of moustaches were used. During one of our games of celebrity, we drew a few moustaches on our fingers.

Here's Bryan with his finger moustache.


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