Once again, I have been so busy lately. I'm in the midst of student teaching and still loving it. I'm at the point where I'm teaching the full day so it's been a really good learning experience. I'm still working at Paper Source which is always fun. Getting my hands on crafts while I'm at work is so fun. Since the last time I blogged quite a bit has been going on. We had Valentine's Day and my birthday thrown in there. I've also gotten two projects done. I'm so excited about them. The first is my peacock project! Below is the inspiration picture.

This is the final product! I love it. I love love love the way it came out. I took an old canvas that I bought in college and glued some craft paper to it that had some script on it. Then, the wonderful Rusty Braun cut this peacock out for me with vinyl. I'm sure he will never accept a project from me again because the last two were both pains in the butt, this one especially. He did an awesome job. He is also the one that cut the vinyl out for my subway art canvas hanging over Manny's desk. After my mom and I laid the vinyl on top of the canvas, we painted the teal color and then peeled it off. I love it! My room is now complete. I always love when a project is done but, then I feel like I need another one to do. Thank you so much Mr. Rusty!!!!

This was also another project that I've been wanting to do. I had been trying to decide what paper to buy at work. We have tons of beautiful papers and I knew I wanted to cover the inside of this thing. With a glass front, it needed some pizazz instead of just boring white. I love this paper. It makes the table look 10 times better.

This is a close up of the paper.

Now on to Valentine's Day. Let me start off by saying that I'm not the biggest Valentine's Day fan. The holiday never seems to really work out for Manny and I. Last year, I had planned dinner for us but his ship didn't come in until after Valentine's Day. This year, since it landed on a convenient Monday, we couldn't do anything that day since Manny had school. I thought maybe we'd just skip it. I got Manny a little gift but wasn't really planning on anything. I had to work the Sunday before Valentine's Day. When I got home, my sweet husband had this surprise waiting for me. He had flowers and chocolates. He even arranged the chocolates into a heart. He made dinner and everything! Very sweet!!!!

After dinner, which was delicious, Manny gave me my Valentine's Day gift. It was really sweet. He had made a slide show to music of our relationship. I of course cried. I wasn't expecting something home made and for me that is the perfect gift on Valentine's Day. I took a picture of the first slide on the TV screen.

He even washed dishes!!!!! He washes dishes every night so this wasn't so out of the ordinary!
On a side note, the lovely beard he's sporting is gone! Thank goodness.

Next was dessert. Manny prepared smores because we always made them in Seattle. I'm not sure why we made them so much while we lived there but we did.

We even toasted the marshmallows in the fireplace like in Seattle too. The difference is that our Seattle fireplace was wood burning and this one you just flip a switch! They were really yummy!

This was Mija during the Valentine's festivities.


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