Another Year

We had a really great holiday season. It was very different from our quiet little first Christmas just the two of us in Seattle. This year we juggled all our families and it was a bit challenging but, turned out all right. We started off with Manny's family the weekend before Christmas. His mom and brother came to Austin the weekend before Christmas. I cooked my first lasagna and a really yummy Italian Sausage Soup. The next weekend we left for Fairfield on Christmas Eve. We hung out with my Dad's side of the family Christmas Eve and most of Christmas Day. It was really nice to be with them on the actual holiday. Christmas night we left and headed to Conroe. We went to have Christmas with my mom that night and then went to Manny's mom's house. Sunday was the big Christmas at Mimi's and the we made the journey back home to Austin that night. I was exhausted after Christmas! We had a really low key New Year's. We went to the DeShazo's and hung out. Nothing too crazy for our New Year's Eve. I had allergies really bad and Candice is expecting baby number 2 so we just played games and hung out. We actually got Will to play Just Dance 2! It was hilarious! I also found out that one of my best friends is expecting her first baby! I am so excited for Traci and Josh. 2011 will be a good year! I am hoping it's not a hectic as 2010 was. There will be no moving across the country so that cuts down half of last years chaos. Now all the decorations are down and the house is back to normal. I am looking forward to this year and hoping it's just as good as 2010 was to us! Happy 2011 everyone!

Me and Manny on Christmas.

Manny got matching sweats so of course we had to have Kodak moment!

This was Mija most of the weekend. I think traveling stresses her out!

My dad's side of the family on Christmas.


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