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Manny and I spent this past weekend tackling some projects. We didn't really plan to do them all at once, it sort of just happened. When we finished them it made me a little sad because they were the last projects I had. I love having projects to do. I was definitely sad that it was all done. But as luck would have it, another project fell into my lap. Since Manny started back to school last week, the studying situation is less than ideal. He obviously needs a place that's quiet to study, which has led me to go TV watching in the guest room. Here's where my project comes in. Manny said he might want a desk. After all his masters should take at least 2 years and then he is pondering getting his doctorate. It would be nice to have a place where all his school stuff could live while also giving him a place to study. It sounded like a perfect excuse for me to get to go to Round Top! Only one more month!!! So now to the projects that we finished.

Remember my blank wall post? Well, it's no longer blank! Here's the boring before!

This is the after. My mom got me the frame while she was at the Longest Yard Sale. I ordered the chalkboard from Chalk It Up on Etsy. The top picture is one that Manny and I bought while we were in Seattle. I found a frame at TJ Maxx for $9! The side pictures are ones that I took in Seattle at the market. We bought a board at Home Depot and had them cut it into equal parts. Manny sanded them down and I painted them black. Then I sprayed some adhesive to attach the picture then put a protective seal on it. I love the way it came out.

Here's a close up. I got the chalkboard pens at Michael's. They are awesome! They are so easy to write with and they come off with water!

Here are close ups of the side pictures. Of course I had to put a pina in there! And I love the sign pictures. The market in Seattle is filled with funny little signs like this one that says "No Booty on the Fruity."

This sides sign says "Pleeza No Squeeza." It's on avocados.

This was another one of my projects. My mom also got me this chair at the Longest Yard Sale. I needed one more for my dining area and this goes a long perfectly. This is the before.

This is the after. It's not a drastic change. I painted it a light grey. I didn't want a bold color. I already have 2 blue chairs and one striped chair in there.

This is the dining table finally done.

Our last project was curtains. The only room in the house that had curtains was the living room. So we found some curtains at BB&B and Manny hung them up. It definitely helps in the morning!

Our little side window.

This is a close up of the curtain so you can see the pattern. They were on sale at BB&B. Just the way I like them!

These are the curtains in the guest room. I already had these, we just hadn't hung them up.


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