Home Sweet Finally Texas Home

Manny and I have finally moved to Austin and are settled. My mom stayed for a week and helped me get organized and most importantly DECORATED! We only lack curtains in both the bedrooms! After that it will be done! Here are some pics of our new home!

This is our living room. You can see the ottoman that my mom and I made and the matching panels that my mom sewed for us! When you get home dec fabric for $5 a yard, you tend to put it every where!
Another view of the living room.

Cross wall. We decided to collect a cross from each place we have been. I write where we bought or who gave it to us on the back to remember.

This is our mantel. Manny had a little trouble with the window and the P at first. He loved it once we added more stuff. Plus he loves the ship next to the fireplace.

The ottoman/coffee table. We are really enjoying this!

Our cake topper found a home!

This is the dining area. The wall treatment is actually cardboard that I had a family friend cut out using a laser and then I spray painted them. You can also see the chairs that my mom got for $6 at a yard sale and I painted blue. We still need one more chair. Hopefully my mom will find something at The Longest Yard Sale.

This is the kitchen. I found great uses for my apothecary jars from the wedding. I got pasta and beans and filled them up and then put them on top of the cabinets in the kitchen.

Another view of the kitchen.

This is the master bedroom. We still need curtains and then our room will be done.

The amazing pillows my mom made. We got the fabric at High Fashion in Houston. I wanted peacock colors without having peacock all over our room.

Our dresser.

The bedrooms in the apt are huge! I had room for a sitting area in my bedroom. This is the chair that a bought at Round Top for $50 in college. At the time it was pink velveteen! The picture was made by my grandmother. The colors go great!

I also had room to put that great secretary desk that I bought in Seattle. I got the chair at the city wide garage sale in Austin and recovered the seat.

This is the bulletin board that my mom and I made that sits over my desk in the bedroom. We got the old window at Atkins in Houston. My mom sewed together scraps of fabric leftover from the pillows. I love love love it. It is my favorite thing in the room.

This is the master bathroom. I found another way to use an apothecary jar! I got the potpourri at Pottery Barn. I got the decorative towel at Marshall's for $7!

This is the guest bedroom. This quickly became a fusing of mine and Manny's stuff. The art work Manny bought overseas. They went great with the bedding.

This bedroom is huge too! Luckily, we needed a place to store our books! We also need curtains in here and this room will be done!
Guest bathroom.

Guest bathroom again.


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