U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln

Manny and I had a pretty busy weekend. I have been wanting to go to the ship just to say that I have been on a naval ship. I was also curious to see where my husband works. I wouldn't normally be that curious, but it's not like he goes to work at an ordinary office every day! He goes to a ship! I thought that was cool and I wanted to see what it's all about. I have to say that each new thing I learn about our military, the more I respect them. I am so proud Manny for the time he served to defend our country. Not many people could make that sacrafice. I am proud to say that my husband has done that! After taking a tour of the Lincoln, I concluded that I could never work on a naval ship!!!! It is metal, metal, metal and not much color! Also, the space on the ship is very tight. A tall person would definitely have back problems after walking around a naval ship for a while. I took some pictures to share!

This is the USS Abraham Lincoln!
This is the ramp to get on and off the ship.

This is the ramp to get on and off the ship.

These are the ropes that catch the airplanes to make them stop when they are landing on the flight deck.

This is the flight deck.
This is Manny inside his rack. I climbed in too and quickly climbed out! Too tiny of a space! I have no idea how they sleep in here!
This is an empty rack! As you can see there are 3 of them stacked on top of each other here!
This is one of the diesel spaces Manny works in! I was shocked at how big diesels are!

Manny got down these steep steps faster than me!

Another hole going down!

This is Prison of War Missing in Action table. Every ship has one to remind them of the POW's. Each item on this table is symbolic!

I thought their water fountains were weird looking!

This is what those stairways look like from the other side.

And here's what it looks like going down.

The door to Manny's office.

Manny's in box!


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