Lets paint a rug on the porch!

While I was in home, in Texas, for spring break, we went out to my cousin BethAnn's farm house. It's such a cute place! Well BethAnn has always talked about painting an area rug on the porch. We decided that we would do it the week I was home since I wasn't working and neither was my mom. So we drew up an idea and went to Home Depot for some paint. My mom and I went out there while BethAnn was at work and got to painting. It went faster than we thought it would! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there for the final finished project due to the crazy weather Texas was having. It got freakishly cold and stormed the final days I was there. I'm glad I got to see it almost done. The border still needed to be painted as well as some accents. So my mom, BethAnn, and my cousin Ashley finished up. It turned out really cute! Here are some pictures that take you from drawing to creation!
This is the drawing I drew for our rug idea!

This was the first stage of the rug!

The following 2 pictures are how the rug looked when I left. I can't wait to see it all done in person!

This is what the finished project looked like! My mom took some pictures and sent them to me. I didn't want to wait until we moved back to Texas to see it! I think it turned out great! Super cute!


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