a little piece of kentucky!

My mom and BethAnn got back from the Longest Yard Sale! They had an awesome time and said it's definitely worth the trip! I'm looking forward to going! Maybe next year. Here are some pics of what I got!

I got this chair. I needed one more chair for the dining room table. It completes my mix-and-match chairs that I already have! I need to paint it. I'm thinking it will be a cream color. I'll post pics when it's done. I also got a vintage frame for my chalkboard menu. I've already ordered the chalkboard and will post pics once it's all complete!

This is the buffet that my mom got me. I managed to get the only piece of furniture that didn't need a complete overhaul! In fact, it only needed to be wiped down!

Here it is in the dining room. I'm still playing around with decorating it. But I'm loving it so far!

Another pic!


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