Seattle Showers Bring Texas Flowers!!!

April is finally here! This is what Manny and I have been waiting on! This is the month that we get to back up and leave Seattle and head straight back to Texas. Our time here in Washington has been amazing, but we are eager to get back to our roots! The Pacific Northwest will always hold a special place in our hearts! It is after all where we had our first apartment together. We have also gotten to experience things we never thought we would. How many people can say that they've lived in an exciting new city! Well, I'm sure a lot of people can, but I never thought I would leave my Texas bubble, especially for Seattle! I wouldn't trade our time here in for the world, but I am excited for the new chapter in our lives. We've missed friends and family more than we could ever say! Not to mention, good mexican food, thunderstorms, and having the word y'all not getting us smiles and snickers! We will be packing up everything and leaving on the 25th of April!!!! We will see you soon Texas!!!!!


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