Packing It Up!

The packing has started. This is our pile of stuff so far. All those tubs along the wall are clothes. We were smart about this. We bought those space bags and put all our clothes in them, sucked the air out of them, and put them in tubs. It is such a room saver! I wish I would of done this a long time ago. With as many times as I've moved, it would have been very helpful! There are some ridiculous things going on in this picture too. That big green sea bag by the guitar is all Manny's Navy uniforms. Even more ridiculous is the big black bag the guitar is sitting on. That is all purses. Well purses, with some scarves and hats thrown in, but mostly purses! We still have a long way to go and about a week to do it!!! I can't believe we leave in a little oer a week!!!!

The following pictures are of our empty closet! It was jam packed!!!! Oh, and the green sea bag you will see in all these pictures is full of hangers!!!! Ha! the ridicuoulsness continues!

This is what Mija does during the packing! She wants no part of it!!!


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